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Implementing U.S. CLIVAR 2001-2015 U.S., CLIVAR Scientific Steering Committee
A Science and Implementation Plan for EPIC: An Eastern Pacific Investigation of Climate Processes in the Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere System
Translating Process Understanding to Improve Climate Models
U.S. CLIVAR Science Plan
Atlantic Climate Variability Experiment (ACVE): Science and Draft Implementation Plan
U.S. CLIVAR Pan-American Implementation Plan
U.S. CLIVAR Atlantic Implementation Plan
Implementing the Pacific Basin Extended Climate Study (PBECS)
Pacific Implementation Panel Meeting
U.S. CLIVAR Pacific Implementation Plan
Implementation Plan for Atlantic Climate Variability Experiment: Summary and Recommendations
Report of the U.S. CLIVAR Salinity Science Working Group
Climate Process Modeling and Science Teams (CPTs): Implementation and Initial Foci
Climate Process Modeling and Science Teams (CPTs): Motivation and Concept