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U.S. CLIVAR 2011 Summit Report
2015 U.S. CLIVAR Summit Report
Observing and modeling climate variability in the Intra-Americas Seas and impacts on the continental Americas and the Caribbean
U.S. CLIVAR Hurricane Workshop Report
Connecting paleo & modern oceanographic data to understand atlantic meridional overturning circulation over decades to centuries
U.S. CLIVAR ENSO Diversity Workshop Report
U.S. CLIVAR 2009 Summit Report
U.S. CLIVAR 2010 Summit Report
2013 U.S. CLIVAR Summit Report
2014 U.S. CLIVAR Summit Report
U.S. CLIVAR 2007 Summit Report
U.S. CLIVAR Scientific Steering Committee Report of the Tenth Meeting (SSC-10)
2012 U.S. CLIVAR Summit Report
Proceedings of the U.S. CLIVAR Workshop on the Dynamics and Predictability of the Atlantic ITCZ and its Regional Climatic Influences
U.S. CLIVAR 2008 Summit Report
Ocean's Carbon and Heat Uptake: Uncertainties and Metrics
2017 U.S. CLIVAR Summit Report