The 1968 Barbados Experiment

The 1968 Barbados Experiment was a meteorological field experiment which took place between July and September 1969. The experiment, led by Dr. Mike Garstang of Florida State University, was designed to observe interactions between the tropical atmosphere and the ocean around Barbados. NCAR provided field observing support for the experiment. This digital collection contains notes and correspondence related to NCAR's participation in the project. More information on the experiment is available on the Earth Observing Laboratory Field Project page:

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Air National Guard units participate in Caribbean experiment
Survey trip report
Flight notes
Staff Notes Issue 94
LAS Participation in the 1968 Barbados Experiment
Facilities for Atmospheric Research, December 1968
Instrumentation on NCAR Research Aviation Facility Queen Air 304D
Memo to Ed Zipser
Facilities for Atmospheric Research, Fall/Winter 1967