Joachim Kuettner Papers

The Joachim Kuettner Papers includes photographs from GATE and a slideshow documenting Dr. Kuettner's life and scientific achievements.

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Joachim P. Kuettner Papers
Transcript, Kuettner Symposium at the American Meteorological Society annual meeting
Joachim Kuettner's 100th Birthday Slideshow
Talk by Joachim Kuettner
Talk by Joachim Kuettner
Monsoon Experiment (MONEX) meeting
Photograph, Array of GATE vessels
Photograph, NOAA Convair 990
Photograph, James M. Gilliss
Photograph, Oceanographer
Photograph, Array of GATE vessels
Photograph, NOAA WC-130
Photograph, Donna Johnson
Photograph, Antenna array
Photograph, Terry de la Morimine
Photograph, Researcher
Photograph, Research vessel, Atlantis II
Photograph, Research vessel, Trident
Photograph, unidentified
Photograph, Henry Gertzman