Solar Research Memorandum Series

The Solar Research Memorandum Series is a collection of unpublished scholarly works created by HAO scientists between 1951 and 1960. More information about the High Altitude Observatory is available at:

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A simple polarization analyzer for Climax
Relation between K-coronal intensity maxima and geomagnetic disturbance
A model of the electron corona with reference to radio observations
Prominances in solar magnetic fields
The ionization cross-section of FE XIV in the solar corona by electron collision and its relationship to the temperature of the corona
Solar flare classification
Flare of 13 December 1957
The relationship of geomagnetic activity to 300mb circulation changes during the winter of 1957-58
List of M-region geomagnetic storms
Electron puff
Recurrent geomagnetic storms and solar prominences
Coronal emission intensity gradients
Recent Climax spectrographs, 15 August 1955- 31 December 1957
A study of the morphology of ionospheric storms (revised abstract of the paper presented to the the USA URSI Spring Meeting- 1958. Read on the 25th of April)
The calculation of opacities for stellar interiors
Emission lines from the dark side of Venus
Contrasts in ideal one angstrom and one-half angstrom Ha filters
Dishpan experiments and the internal motion in the Sun
On sequential Es
Upper level readjustments in long wave patterns