Vincent Lally Papers

The Vincent E. Lally digital collection highlights over thirty years of Lally's research using high-altitude balloons in the atmospheric sciences. The collection includes photographs depicting balloon launches and equipment, correspondence, notes, and oral history.

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Clip, Oral History Interview with Vincent Lally
Photograph, Vincent Lally retirement party
Memo, Flight schedule
Correspondence, Albert Vienne to Giorgi Tesi
Flight Log
Superpressure balloon diagram
GHOST Participation Certificate
Notebook, Notes on Ascension Island and Christchurch
Photograph, balloon in Christchurch, New Zealand hangar
Photograph, balloon launch at Marshall Site
Photograph, balloon launch at Marshall Site
Photograph, Vincent Lally and Neil Carlson, Christchurch balloon launch
Photograph, Bob Kebara and Vincent Lally in Ascension Island
Photograph, Vincent Lally, Bob Macbeth, and Dean Lawrence
Photograph, Ernie Litchfield and Vincent Lally
Photograph, Vincent Lally, RACOON
Photograph, Vincent Lally
Photograph, Christchurch balloon launch
Photograph, early Mother Ghost test flights in Christchurch, New Zealand
Photograph, shipboard sounding system