Walter Orr Roberts Collection

This collection consists of writings and photographs created by the first Director of NCAR, Walter Orr Roberts. Writings include Dr. Roberts' informal series "Provocations," which are short essays posing provocative comments related to scientific issues that mostly focus on weather, climate, the sun, or near space.

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Walter Orr Roberts Collection
Provocations #297: A bi-national research park in the Berling Strait
Provocations #296: El Nino, time of abundance and of disasters
Provocations #295: Beauty and the pursuit of science
Provocations #294: Recent warm temperatures verified in China
Provocations #293: Solar activity approaches a maximum
Provocations #292: Andrei Sakharov, man of integrity
Provocations #291: Out in a blaze of glory
Provocations #290: PREDS: Post reentry depression syndrome
Provocations #289: The solar eclipse of New Year's Day 1889
Provocations #288: When is it time to cry wolf?
Provocations #287: A statistical assessment of global warming
Provocations #286: Greenhouse warming and the Arctic
Provocations #285: Reminiscences about Sydney Chapman and Chris Elvey
Provocations #284: The Caspian Sea rises
Provocations #283: Threats to the health of the biosphere
Provocations #282: Stress and health
Provocations #281: Building a duplicate world in space
Provocations #280: Grip of the great attractor
Provocations #279: To meet the global environmental change