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Science requirements of the COSMO K-Coronagraph
Conceptual design of the COSMO K-coronagraph
Chromatic aberration in a singlet coronagraph objective lens
Measurement Error in the COSMO K-Coronagraph
An analysis of scattered light in reflecting and refracting primary objectives for coronagraphs
A thermal analysis of a 1.5 meter f/5 fused silica primary lens for solar telescopes
Baseline design of a prominence and filament magnetometer
Mk4 scattered light analysis
SBM sky brightness at Mauna Loa
Trade study summary for reflecting vs refracting primary objectives for the COSMO large coronagraph
Scattered light from internal reflection in a coronagraph objective lens
Some considerations for a high etendue birefringent filter
Measurement errors in coronal magnetic field parameters
Polarization in reflecting and refracting coronagraphs
A finite element analysis of Meter-Class refracting primary objectives for coronal polarimetry