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Each year NCAR/UCAR scientists and research staff disseminate the results of their research by publishing hundreds of articles. Our collection of Journal Articles contains peer-reviewed journal articles and published conference proceedings. We provide full text access to article where possible.

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Frontogenesis and frontal arrest of a dense filament in the oceanic surface boundary layer
On the propagation of acoustic–gravity waves under elastic ice sheets
The Influence of Metallicity on Stellar Differential Rotation and Magnetic Activity
Detectability of the impacts of ozone-depleting substances and greenhouse gases upon stratospheric ozone accounting for nonlinearities in historical forcings
Influence of initial soil moisture and vegetation conditions on monsoon precipitation events in northwest México
Tracing the traces: The critical role of metadata within networked communications
The amplifying influence of increased ocean stratification on a future year without a summer
Springtime winds drive Ross Sea ice variability and change in the following autumn
A long-lived supercell over mountainous terrain
Predictability of 2-year La Niña events in a coupled general circulation model
BrO and inferred Br<sub><i>y</i></sub> profiles over the western Pacific: relevance of inorganic bromine sources and a Br<sub><i>y</i></sub> minimum in the aged tropical tropopause layer
A case study of aerosol data assimilation with the Community Multi-scale Air Quality Model over the contiguous United States using 3D-Var and optimal interpolation methods
Type III Solar Radio Burst Source Region Splitting due to a Quasi-separatrix Layer
Precipitation variability increases in a warmer climate
Reduced biomass burning emissions reconcile conflicting estimates of the post-2006 atmospheric methane budget
Severe pollution in China amplified by atmospheric moisture
Climate change-induced increases in precipitation are reducing the potential for solar ultraviolet radiation to inactivate pathogens in surface waters
The Role of Solar Wind Density in Cross Polar Cap Potential Saturation Under Northward Interplanetary Magnetic Field
Pan-Antarctic analysis aggregating spatial estimates of Adélie penguin abundance reveals robust dynamics despite stochastic noise
Weak hydrological sensitivity to temperature change over land, independent of climate forcing