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The Conference Posters & Presentations collection contains posters, presentations and abstracts from scholarly conferences such as the annual meetings of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and the American Geophysical Union (AGU). Materials from regional and local colloquia and symposia are also included.

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Advancements in operational wildland fire prediction
Adaptive prior inflation for ensemble filters: Application to a large-scale atmospheric model
Containers for clusters
Transport of gas-phase anthropogenic VOCs to the remote troposphere during the NASA ATom mission
Are “habitable” exoplanets really habitable? -- A perspective from atmospheric loss
ICOADS Release 3.0: New relevance and support for reanalyses
Quality assurance and error identification for the Community Earth System Model
Performance impacts of in situ wavelet compression on scientific simulations
Comparison of CO2 inverse model estimates to airborne and independent global scale constraints
Predicting atmospheric carbon monoxide over fire regions using climate indices
Containers for cluster management
Ensemble assimilation and diagnostics of tropospheric oxidants
KGen update & performance optimization of a long-wave radiation code
The US Coastal Act
Assessing representativeness of kernels using descriptive statistics
Spatiotemporal wavelet compression for visualization of scientific simulation data
A ZDR calibration check using hydro-meteors in the ice phase
Extreme value analysis with the R package extRemes
Fifteen years after TransCom3: Are global CO2 inverse calculations robust?
Mesoscale spatial forecast verification over complex terrain