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The Conference Posters & Presentations collection contains posters, presentations and abstracts from scholarly conferences such as the annual meetings of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and the American Geophysical Union (AGU). Materials from regional and local colloquia and symposia are also included.

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Atmospheric chemistry: A quiet revolution helping people mitigate risks of air pollution
Cluster tools
A new workflow for CESM to address CMIP6 challenges
WRF scaling and performance assessment
A steady state continuous flow chamber for the study of daytime and nighttime chemistry at atmospherically relevant NO levels
Forecast verification for solar power forecasts
Lossy data compression for climate simulation data: Reducing data volume while preserving information
Testing the distance-based spatial forecast verification methods on a new more rigorous set of contrived cases
Exploring geoscience with AR/VR technologies
A cloud-based science gateway for the geoscience community
Globus integration in the NCAR RDA data portal: Recent enhancements
Verification within complexity: Comparing spatial fields
Chemical weather feedback on chemical climate: Bridging the scales using Data Assimilation and CESM
Ensemble data assimilation at the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research: Moving from theory to practice
Tulip Infiniband: SSG's Infiniband Visualization Solution
Mesoscale Verification Intercomparison Over Complex Terrain (MesoVICT) project
Pitfalls of containers for HPC
Ensemble data assimilation with the Community Land Model and the US National Water Model
The GISandbox: A science gateway for geospatial computing
Insights into atmospheric predictability through global convection-permitting simulations