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This collection contains a selection of manuscripts, many representing pre-published work by NCAR staff, written between the late 1960’s and the early 1970’s.

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Nonlinear Boussinesq convective model for large scale solar circulations
Internal gravity waves of finite amplitude in a stratified Incompressible atmosphere -- A quasi-characteristic method
Lectures in sub-synoptic scales of motion and two-dimensional turbulence
Progress in research on atmospheric turbulence
Library routines (*SY2)
Three-dimensional features of thermal convection in a plane Couette flow
Tornado dynamics
On the spin-up an electrically conducting fluid. Part 1. The unsteady hydromagnetic Ekman-Hartmann boundary layer problem
The numerical solution of partial differential equations
Planetary waves and large-scale disturbances in the stratosphere and mesosphere
Thermal and dynamical effects of orography on the general circulation of the atmosphere
An example of the nonuniqueness of weak solutions containing shocks in fluid dynamics
Computer experiments in the global circulation of the Earth's atmosphere
Experiments on the generation of small water waves by wind
Laboratory investigation of non-steady penetrative convection
The radiative cooling calculation for application to general circulation experiments
A footnote on the role of diffusiophoresis in lung deposition of aerosols
Comparison between wind waves at sea and in the laboratory
Nonlinear shallow fluid flow over an isolated ridge
Kinetic theory of aerosols