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Papers and posters completed by protégés in the Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research (SOARS) program, dating back to the program's start in 1996. SOARS provides funded research opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students from backgrounds that are underrepresented in the atmospheric sciences.

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Quantifying Snow/Ice Albedo Feedback Strength in the Arctic using Reanalysis data
Present and Future Impacts of Tropical Cyclones on U.S. Metropolitan Hydroclimatology in a High-Resolution Climate Model
Weather-Ready Nation: Care Model Development for Ambassadors
The Impact of High-Resolution Terrain Data on WRF Simulations of Hurricane María (2017)
The impact of volcanic eruptions on ocean pH
Analysis of short-term ionospheric variability using WACCM-X
Comparing Statistics of Precipitation Variations during the American Monsoon in CESM1
Using Machine Learning Techniques to Forecast Solar Energetic Particles
Diurnal Temperature Variability: An Observations-Climate Model Intercomparison
Predicting Streamflow and Snowpack Sensitivities to Climate Change in the Pacific Northwest's Green River Basin
The Truck Blowover Algorithm for the Pikalert® system
Observing and analyzing variations of daily precipitation: The impact of the El Niño/Southern Oscillation on Kiritimati Island
A Comparison of ADCIRC Storm Surge Predictions Given Different Forcing Inputs
Exploring the capabilities of the CHM 15k ceilometer to detect icing conditions within clouds
Characteristics of Hail Events near the Sierras de Córdoba, Argentina
The Influence of ENSO on the North Pacific Ocean through Daily Weather Changes
Examining diurnal variability across the equatorial Pacific basin associated with ENSO
Measuring Solar Coronal Magnetism during the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017
Forecast Verification of the 2017 Flooding at Lake Oroville Using the National Water Model
Impact of Terrain Resolution on Precipitation Formation in a Simulated Orographic Cloud