DCERC Collection

This collection contains posters and associated documents produced from 2012-2014 by students in the Data Curation Education in Research Centers (DCERC) program. DCERC was an Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) funded program to provide library and information science students with internship experiences in the NCAR research & data center environment.

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Discovering new global climate patterns: Curating a 21-year high temporal (hourly) and spatial (40km) resolution reanalysis dataset
Data curation in the long tail of science: Preparing Community Land Model validation data for reuse and preservation
To the Geoportal and beyond! Preparing the Earth Observing Laboratory's metadata for inter-repository discovery
Establishing levels of service within NCAR: ACADIS case study
Data curation service development: Investigation, outreach, and education
Unlocking GATE: Gaining access to analog data in a digital world
The data lifecycle flow: For me, this time
Now you are speaking my language: Translating and facilitating between researchers and data managers
Curating context and use: Pulling scientific workflows into the repository
Data audit and analysis: Mapping the data workflow from ingest to archive
Framing attribution and acknowledgement content for scientific data: Preliminary matrix and schema