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Calibration of antenna-radome and monument-multipath effect of GEONET--Part 2: Evaluation of the phase map by GEONET data
Modeling and inverting radio occultation signals in the moist troposphere
Tracking tropospheric radio occultation signals from low Earth orbit
Improved Mapping of Tropospheric Delays
Use of GPS for estimation of bending angles of radio waves at low elevations
Validation of line-of-sight water vapor measurements with GPS
Comparisons of GPS/MET retrieved ionospheric electron density and ground based ionosonde data
Effect of the penalty terms on MM5 4DVAR system [presentation]
Use of GPS radio occulatation data in RIME [presentation]
Initial verification of the MM5 3DVAR data assimilation system [presentation]
A case study of the impact of the upper boundary condition in polar MM5 simulations over Antarctica [presentation]