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Detection of high-altitude ionospheric irregularities with GPS/MET
Modeling, tracking and inverting the tropospheric radio occultation signals
Vertical profiling of atmospheric refractivity from ground-based GPS
Radio occultation data processing at the COSMIC Data Analysis and Archival Center (CDAAC) [presentation]
Recent ground based GPS meteorology developments for SuomiNet [presentation]
Potential impact of COSMIC GPS radio occultation data on regional weather analysis and prediction over the Antarctic [presentation]
Simulation of a mesoscale cyclone over the Mediterranean Sea [presentation]
Radio occultation signal analysis
Comparison of GPS slant wet delay measurements with model simulations during the passage of a squall line
The development of a 3DVAR assimilation capability for the WRF model [presentation]
Diurnal variation in water vapor over North America and its implications for sampling errors in radiosonde humidity
Assimilation of KMA AWS Data with MM5 3DVAR System, and application for the 14 July 2001 heavy rain case [presentation]
Application of MM5 3DVAR system for heavy rain case over Korea peninsula [presentation]
Initial results using WRF 3DVAR in MM5 applications [presentation]
Assimilation of ground-based GPS slant-path water vapor measurements and its impact on short-range prediction of a pre-frontal squall line: An OSSE study [presentation]