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Modeling, tracking and inverting the tropospheric radio occultation signals
Detection of high-altitude ionospheric irregularities with GPS/MET
Vertical profiling of atmospheric refractivity from ground-based GPS
Radio occultation data processing at the COSMIC Data Analysis and Archival Center (CDAAC) [presentation]
Recent ground based GPS meteorology developments for SuomiNet [presentation]
Potential impact of COSMIC GPS radio occultation data on regional weather analysis and prediction over the Antarctic [presentation]
Simulation of a mesoscale cyclone over the Mediterranean Sea [presentation]
Radio occultation signal analysis
Comparison of GPS slant wet delay measurements with model simulations during the passage of a squall line
Diurnal variation in water vapor over North America and its implications for sampling errors in radiosonde humidity
The development of a 3DVAR assimilation capability for the WRF model [presentation]
Application of MM5 3DVAR system for heavy rain case over Korea peninsula [presentation]
Assimilation of KMA AWS Data with MM5 3DVAR System, and application for the 14 July 2001 heavy rain case [presentation]
Initial results using WRF 3DVAR in MM5 applications [presentation]
Assimilation of ground-based GPS slant-path water vapor measurements and its impact on short-range prediction of a pre-frontal squall line: An OSSE study [presentation]