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Comparisons of line-of-sight water vapor observations using the Global Positioning System and a pointing microwave radiometer
Radio occultation data processing at the COSMIC Data Analysis and Archival Center (CDAAC)
Effect of superrefraction on inversions of radio occultation signals in the lower troposphere
Effect of superrefraction and small-scale refractivity irregularities on inversion of radio occultation signals in the lower troposphere [presentation]
Developments in ground-based GPS meteorology [presentation]
Analysis and assimilation of GPS radio occultation data [presentation]
Assessing the accuracy of slant path measurements using a high resolution numerical weather model [presentation]
An error analysis of ground-based GPS slant-path residuals in a simulation study [presentation]
Atmospheric sounding using GPS radio occulations
The use of GPS measurements for water vapor determination
Impact of assimilating GPS PWV measurements with 3DVAR system for IHOP 12 June 2002 case [presentation]
Variational assimilation of COSMIC GPS radio occultation data over the Antarctic [presentation]
The MM5 Implementation of WRF 3DVAR [presentation]
Variational assimilation of slant-path wet delay measurements from a hypothetical ground-based GPS network. Part I: Comparison with precipitable water assimilation
Assimilation of Doppler Radial Velocities using a Regional 3DVAR System and its Impacts on Mesoscale Weather Prediction over the Korean Peninsula [presentation]