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Comparisons of line-of-sight water vapor observations using the Global Positioning System and a pointing microwave radiometer
Effect of superrefraction and small-scale refractivity irregularities on inversion of radio occultation signals in the lower troposphere [presentation]
Effect of superrefraction on inversions of radio occultation signals in the lower troposphere
Radio occultation data processing at the COSMIC Data Analysis and Archival Center (CDAAC)
Developments in ground-based GPS meteorology [presentation]
Analysis and assimilation of GPS radio occultation data [presentation]
Atmospheric sounding using GPS radio occulations
An error analysis of ground-based GPS slant-path residuals in a simulation study [presentation]
Assessing the accuracy of slant path measurements using a high resolution numerical weather model [presentation]
Variational assimilation of COSMIC GPS radio occultation data over the Antarctic [presentation]
Impact of assimilating GPS PWV measurements with 3DVAR system for IHOP 12 June 2002 case [presentation]
The use of GPS measurements for water vapor determination
The MM5 Implementation of WRF 3DVAR [presentation]
Assimilation of Doppler Radial Velocities using a Regional 3DVAR System and its Impacts on Mesoscale Weather Prediction over the Korean Peninsula [presentation]
Variational assimilation of slant-path wet delay measurements from a hypothetical ground-based GPS network. Part I: Comparison with precipitable water assimilation