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Demonstrating the validity of a wildfire DDDAS
Wildfire outbreaks and suppression: Cases from 1998 Florida wildfires [poster]
Demonstrating the validity of a wildfire DDDAS [presentation]
Modeling wildfire behavior and analyzing emissions
Assessing the association of drought to wildfire in California
Smoke from wildfire (DI01568)
Airborne infrared observations of wildfire, dynamics, and spread [presentation]
Towards a dynamic data driven application for wildfire simulation
A note on dynamic data driven wildfire modeling
Scientists nearing forecasts of long-lived wildfires
Wildfire research at NCAR: Wildfire simulations, observations of fire dynamics, and applications to hazard management [presentation]
Simulations of wildfire incidents using coupled atmosphere-fire modeling [poster]
NCAR co-hosts wildfire severity and global climate change workshop
Wildfires cause ozone pollution to violate health standards, new study shows
New methods for providing high-resolution weather information to wildfire managers [presentation]