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Predicting high-wind events impacting Barrow, Alaska through analysis of past regional sea-level pressure patterns
The daily cycle of low level winds over the island of Nauru in the equatorial western pacific
Characteristics of sea surface temperatures (SSTs) between 23°C and 24°C west of the Galápagos Islands
An examination of the link between decadal changes in precipitation, winds, and sea surface heights in the Tropical Indo-Pacific during the period 1993-2010
Mid-Pliocene (3.4-2.9 Myr) climate: Testing the atmospheric response of Pliocene sea surface temperatures (SST) revised to match proxy observations
Climate influences on Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) in Sequim Bay, Washington State
The Influence of ENSO on the North Pacific Ocean through Daily Weather Changes
An analysis of the rapid intensification of Hurricane Wilma from the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season
The effects of carbon dioxide on coral reefs
Orographic effects on rainfall induced by the passage of tropical cyclones over mountainous islands. Part 1: The effect of cloud microphysics
Protecting South Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana through the development of Vanishing Points: An iPhone application motivating community and national involvement in coastal restoration efforts
Using CCSM3 to simulate climate changes caused by the 8.2ka meltwater pulse
Examining climate influences and economic impacts of harmful algal blooms in Massachusetts: 1993 and 2005
The daily cycle of winds at Estación Obispo, Mexico, during the North American Monsoon
Further exploration of MJO initiation events and precursors as revealed by an MJO-like dynamical mode
Lower tropospheric analysis of the daily cycle of the wind for the east coast of the Gulf of California during NAME 2004
Contributing to the Prediction of Coastal Flooding: Simulating Wave Heights and Directions along the Coast of Barrow, Alaska
The change of the North American Monsoon seasonal precipitation in the CCSM 4 under IPCC CO₂ emission scenarios