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HAO instrument gives new picture of Sun's magnetic field
NCAR scientists mount expedition to Hawaii to capture total eclipse
NCAR ASP/HAO host three-week colloquium on solar physics
Eclipse expedition rounds out cycle
NCAR scientists discover magnetic bubbles erupt from the sun
NCAR scientists journey to Java for total solar eclipse
MacQueen named head of High Altitude Observatory
Eddy appointed senior scientist
MacQueen featured at NASA press conference
NCAR scientists decorated by Mauritania
NCAR scientists hope to view solar corona at unprecendented distances
NCAR scientist is featured speaker at national scientific meeting
NCAR High Altitude Observatory group will observe eclipse
Eclipse watchers see solar activity reported by High Altitude Observatory
Corona photographs taken June 3 permit eclipse comparion
High Altitude Observatory says active region headed for Sun's edge on eclipse day
NCAR Scientific Ballooning Facility supervising IQSY balloon flights in India
Dr. G. William Curtis rejoins the High Altitude Observatory