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Local experts available for climate discussions across country
Digital library for Geosciences moves to NCAR
NCAR invites public to experience new Exploratorium collection of weather-related exhibits
NCAR hosts two-week atmospheric science workshop for teachers
NCAR hosts live satellite broadcast for 5 million students in U.S., Canada
NCAR receives NSF educational grant
NCAR brings middle-school science teachers to Boulder for Project LEARN
NCAR and NSF host sixth CEDAR workshop June 17-21 in Boulder
NCAR honors Boulder Valley School District science fair winners
NCAR honored for contribution to science education in local schools
NCAR hosts supercomputing institute
NCAR offers summer slide shows
NCAR offers school field trips
NCAR reports on weather forecasting and ozone
NCAR offers summer tours
NCAR holds computer fellowship program
NCAR holds computer fellowship program
NCAR holds aviation work-study program
NCAR holds computer work-study program
NCAR establishes summer work-study program