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The GARP Atlantic Tropical Experiment (GATE) was a large and complex international scientific experiment designed to gain an increased understanding of the atmosphere and causes of climatic variation and change. GATE sought to learn how cloud clusters in the tropic transformed and redistributed energy within the atmosphere, knowledge that was needed for the development of numerical models for long-range weather prediction and for assessing the long-term effects of pollutants on the atmosphere. The GATE digital collection includes GATE bulletins and selected correspondence, mission reports, press kits, and photographs.

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Gate Information Bulletin Number 4
Gate Information Bulletin Number 3
Gate Information Bulletin Number 2
Gate Information Bulletin Number 1
Memo, Stan Ruttenberg to BPI
Memo, Stan Ruttenberg to Francis Bretherton, John Firor
Party invitation
Mission Scientist Summary
Memo, Edward J. Zipser to distribution
Summary of Phase I
Airborne Mission Scientist's Report
Gate News U.S. Press Kit
Memo, Philip Merilees to participants in UCAR GATE Ship Student Observer Program
Gate News Number 10
Aircraft Mission Summary
Mission Scientist Report
Mission Scientist Summary
Gate News Number 9
Memo, Philip Merilees to Eugene Bierly
Memo, Stan Ruttenberg to files