Geophysical Turbulence Program Records

The Geophysical Turbulence Program (GTP) is a formal NCAR-wide activity with more than forty members. The broad goal of GTP is to promote research, education and awareness of geophysical turbulence at NCAR and in the scientific community. This collection contains abstracts and presentations from three GTP-sponsored workshops as well as seminar flyers and minutes from annual meetings.

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Transformation from isotropic to shear-dominated turbulence in 3-D physical and spectral space
Large-scale atmospheric flows predicted by statistical mechanics
The CIRES tethered lifting system
Petascale computing and the study of turbulent mixing and dispersion
Annual GTP meeting, January 18, 2011
GTP annual meeting 2009
Annual GTP meeting 2008/10/24
Minutes for the GTP annual meeting held on October 22, 2007
Observational and numerical studies on turbulent entrainment-mixing processes
Results from cloud physics experiments
Experimental investigation of small inertial droplets in turbulence
Parallel implementation and scalability analysis of turbulent particle laden flow modeling
Interplay between turbulence and particles in environmental flows with primary focus on turbidity currents
An overview of sea spray aerosol production, scaling, and surface-layer interactions [abstract]
The inverse droplet coagulation problem [abstract]
Inertial particle acceleration and relative velocity in HI turbulence
High-resolution simulation results of kinematic and dynamic collision statistics of cloud droplets
Cloud microphysical effects of turbulent mixing and entrainment
Rendering salient regions and interaction maps using GPU
Turbulence structure in a fractal forest under varying atmospheric conditions