Solar Research Memorandum Series

The Solar Research Memorandum Series is a collection of unpublished scholarly works created by HAO scientists between 1951 and 1960. More information about the High Altitude Observatory is available at:

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Some investigations of possible solar effects on polar outbreaks into the central USA
Photometry and polarimetry of the Earthshine with the coronagraph and photoelectric polarimeter
Evaluation of Climax coronal intensities
Variations in the height of ionospheric layers during magnetic storms
Distribution of flares of different importance over the solar disk
Alternative method for calibrating K-coronameter
Geomagnetic and 300mb level indices- Sept. 1956 to March 1957
Correction of K-coronameter measurements for the sky polarization
On the enhancement of certain helium lines in the limb flare of 24 June 1956
Open structure in the green corona
Some observations relating to structure of the green corona
"Knottiness" of the green coronal line
A new instrument for observing the electron corona
Calibration of K-coronameter
Errors in polar axes at Climax
A note on the geomagnetic variations following the solar flare and cosmic ray effects of 23 February 1956
Recording solar activity at high velocities
Recent auroras seen in Japan
Solar granulation studies. Effect of the photographic printing
Studies of solar granulation. The frequency spectrum at long spatial wave lengths