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The NCAR Technical Notes Collection comprises over 500 scientific and technical reports, issued by NCAR divisions and programs, and consists of data compilations, theoretical and numerical investigations, and experimental results.

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in2extRemes: Into the R package extRemes. Extreme value analysis for weather and climate applications
Survey of Mozambique Public on Weather, Water, and Climate Information
Incorporating MAGMA into the 'fields' spatial statistics package
'fieldsMAGMA': A MAGMA-accelerated extension to the 'fields' spatial statistics R package
Accelerating 'fields' by revamping the Cholesky Decomposition
VDM+: The Enhanced Vortex Message Dataset: Structure, Intensity, and Environmental Parameters from Atlantic Tropical Cyclones
Asynchronous Communication in Spectral Element and Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Atmospheric Dynamics
Serendipity : Research Career of One Scientist
The structure for unifying multiple modeling alternatives (SUMMA), Version 1.0: Technical Description
Bias-Corrected CMIP5 CESM Data in WRF/MPAS Intermediate File Format
QSCAT-R: The QuikSCAT Tropical Cyclone Radial Structure Dataset
TCMT Evaluation for the HFIP Reconnaissance Data Impact Tiger Team (RDITT)
Multi-sensor Advection Diffusion nowCast (MADCast) for cloud analysis and short-term prediction
Natural Load Indices (NLI) in NAMD2 load balancing algorithms
Climatology of the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer Region: A Report of the Water Decisions for Sustainability of the Arbuckle-Simpson Project
Wind Energy Resource Assessment : Information Production, Uses, and Value - Survey Report
Community Demographic Model International Migration (CDM-IM) Dataset : Generating Age and Gender Profiles of International Migration Flows
A multi-resolution Gaussian process model for the analysis of large spatial data sets
MesoVICT: Mesoscale Verification Inter-Comparison over Complex Terrain
Two-dimensional kernel smoothing: Using the R package smoothie