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Each year NCAR/UCAR scientists and research staff disseminate the results of their research by publishing hundreds of articles. Our collection of Journal Articles contains peer-reviewed journal articles and published conference proceedings. We provide full text access to article where possible.

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Timescale for detecting the climate response to stratospheric aerosol geoengineering
Biomass burning markers and residential burning in the WINTER Aircraft Campaign
Comparing turbulent mixing of atmospheric oxidants across model scales
Triggering the birth of new cycle’s sunspots by solar tsunami
ESD Reviews: Model dependence in multi-model climate ensembles: weighting, sub-selection and out-of-sample testing
Building code economic performance under variable wind risk
Tropospheric water vapor profiles obtained with FTIR: Comparison with balloon-borne frost point hygrometers and influence on trace gas retrievals
Recent increases in tropical cyclone intensification rates
Year-long variability of the fossil fuel and wood burning black carbon components at a rural site in southern Delhi outskirts
Parameterization of the bulk liquid fraction on mixed-phase particles in the predicted particle properties (P3) scheme: Description and idealized simulation
Normalized hail particle size distributions from the T-28 storm-penetrating aircraft
Changes in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean estimated from the CESM Last Millennium Ensemble
Starspot rotation rates versus activity cycle phase: Butterfly diagrams of Kepler starts are unlike that of the Sun
Mapping regional turbulent heat fluxes via variational assimilation of land surface temperature data from polar orbiting satellites
Mechanistic analysis of the wave-current interaction in the plume region of a partially mixed tidal inlet
Arctic summer airmass transformation, surface inversions, and the surface energy budget
Comparison of simulated radioactive atmospheric releases to citizen science observations for the Fukushima nuclear accident
A general N-moment normalization method for deriving raindrop size distribution scaling relationships
Sensing heavy precipitation with GNSS polarimetric radio occultations
The transient response of atmospheric and oceanic heat transports to anthropogenic warming