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Each year NCAR/UCAR scientists and research staff disseminate the results of their research by publishing hundreds of articles. Our collection of Journal Articles contains peer-reviewed journal articles and published conference proceedings. We provide full text access to article where possible.

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The CHRONOS mission: capability for sub-hourly synoptic observations of carbon monoxide and methane to quantify emissions and transport of air pollution
An introduction to the special issue on the Benefits of Reduced Anthropogenic Climate changE (BRACE)
Frontogenesis and frontal arrest of a dense filament in the oceanic surface boundary layer
Surface and top-of-atmosphere radiative feedback kernels for CESM-CAM5
Selecting a climate model subset to optimise key ensemble properties
Unified theory of vapor-wall mass transport in teflon-walled environmental chambers
Benefits of mitigation for future heat extremes under RCP4.5 compared to RCP8.5
Volatile chemical products emerging as largest petrochemical source of urban organic emissions
Transport of Internetwork Magnetic Flux Elements in the Solar Photosphere
Future risk of record-breaking summer temperatures and its mitigation
Multi-model comparison of the volcanic sulfate deposition from the 1815 eruption of Mt. Tambora
Modeling the partitioning of organic chemical species in cloud phases with CLEPS (1.1)
Improved cloud-phase determination of low-level liquid and mixed-phase clouds by enhanced polarimetric lidar
Compilation of climate data from heterogeneous networks across the Hawaiian Islands
A comparison of U.S. precipitation extremes under RCP8.5 and RCP4.5 with an application of pattern scaling
Climate-change–driven accelerated sea-level rise detected in the altimeter era
Whole atmosphere simulation of anthropogenic climate change
A new ensemble of GCM simulations to assess avoided impacts in a climate mitigation scenario
The Ionospheric Connection Explorer Mission: Mission goals and design
How will air quality change in South Asia by 2050?