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The Books & Book Chapters collection contains citations for books and book chapters written by NCAR staff. Citations date from 1961 to the present and include full text access if possible.

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Economic impact of extreme events: An approach based on extreme value theory
A primer on radial basis functions with applications to the geosciences
Machine learning and data mining approaches to climate science
Challenges for observing and modeling the global water cycle
A new distribution mapping technique for climate model bias correction
Coronal cavities: Observations and implications for the magnetic environment of prominences
MHD equilibria and triggers for prominence eruption
Helical turbulence in fluids and MHD
Uncertainty in agricultural impact assessment
A new distribution mapping technique for climate model bias correction
Radial basis function-generated finite differences: A mesh-free method for computational geosciences
Yellowstone: A dedicated resource for Earth System Science
Mexico City, a tale of water development, its values and challenges
Reinsurance and extremal events
Energetics and composition in the thermosphere
The NCAR TIE-GCM: A community model of the coupled thermosphere/ionosphere system
WACCM-X simulation of tidal and planetary wave variability in the upper atmosphere
Ionospheric electrodynamics modeling
Research center insights into data curation education and curriculum
Novel pathways to form secondary organic aerosols: Glyoxal SOA in WRF/Chem