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This collection contains a selection of manuscripts, many representing pre-published work by NCAR staff, written between the late 1960’s and the early 1970’s.

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Models of cloud layers under a strong inversion
Selected bibliography on wind waves and air-water interaction
NCAR global general circulation model of the atmosphere
Effects of an ensemble of convective elements on the large-scale motions of the atmosphere
The representation of small-scale turbulence in numerical simulation experiments
The development of short-period temperature fluctuations in thermal convection
Experimental and theoretical confirmation of the discrete heat flux transitions of Malkus
A theoretical study of the compensating downward motions associated with cumulus clouds
NCAR global general circulation model of the atmosphere
The influence of compensating downward motion on the developmenty of cumulus clouds
On the application of the eddy viscosity concept in the Inertial sub-range of turbulence
On atmospheric zonal to eddy kinetic energy exchange for January 1963
The dynamical influence of topography on the large-scale motion of the atmosphere
A prediction experiment with filtered equations (preliminary report)