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Coronal observations and rocket solar ultraviolet results
The main phase of great magnetic storms
Repeatability of Jupiter's decametric radio emission
Reply to "Discussion of our earlier paper 'Hydromagnetic interpretation of sudden commencements of magnetic storms'"
Magnetic storms: The simultaneous development of the main phase (DR) and of polar magnetic substorms (DP)
The enhancement of the equatorial electroject during polar magnetic substorms
Equatorial ionospheric variations during geomagnetic storms
Periodicities of the geomagnetic variation field at Huancayo, Peru
The electrification of frost deposits
Excitation of chromospheric He I
Geomagnetic nomenclature
Liquid instability and energy transformation near a magnetic neutral line: A soluble non-linear hydromagnetic problem
Reduction of scattered light in the coronagraph
Excitation of chromospheric Mg I
Spectroscopic limitation on coronal heating mechanisms
Ozone and sunspots
C-F Hollows for solar streams partially incident on the earth
Coronal temperature gradient and the solar wind
Coronal ionization by two-step collision processes
Physical conditions in limb flares and active prominences. VI. Selective excitation conditions