High Altitude Observatory (HAO) Records

The High Altitude Observatory (HAO) is a lab within NCAR that conducts fundamental and applied research in solar-terrestrial physics. The HAO digital collection consists of newsletters and photographs. The full collection description and inventory is available at: https://aspace.archives.ucar.edu/repositories/2/resources/25

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Photograph, White Mountain. 18-20.III.48
Photograph, Eruptive Prominence
Photograph, Coronascope at Climax
Photograph, Original Climax Site
Climax Observatory dome in transit to the Climax site
Coronagraph at Climax Observatory
Climax Observatory dome as it is lowered onto base
Dome during construction at the original Climax Observatory site
Coronagraph at the Climax Observatory
Original Climax site during construction
Coronagraph at Climax Observatory