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The Conference Posters & Presentations collection contains posters, presentations and abstracts from scholarly conferences such as the annual meetings of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and the American Geophysical Union (AGU). Materials from regional and local colloquia and symposia are also included.

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Intercomparison of GATE boundary layer systems in fair weather [presentation]
Turbulence characteristics of the trade wind boundary layer [presentation]
Simultaneous aircraft and Doppler radar observations of a deep stratiform layer. Part I: Aircraft measurements and microphysical calculations [presentation]
Atmospheric mesoscale measurements from aircraft [presentation]
The potential for rainfall modification in some great plains cumuli [presentation]
Measurements of the airflow in and around cloud streets [presentation]
The triggering of lightning by corona from ice hydrometeors or colliding drops [presentation]
The velocities of charged hydrometeors and the production of high fields in thunderstorms [presentation]
Some electrical effects in clouds [presentation]
Electrification measurements from a dropsonde and their interpretation [presentation]
Present and future use of numerical models for tropical forecasting and climate simulation [presentation]
Subjective probability forecasting in meteorology: Some experimental results [presentation]
Observations of precipitation development in cumulus congestus clouds on July 9 [presentation]
Vertical winds in thunderstorms measured by dropsondes [presentation]
Measurements of the vertical velocity of the air inside cumulus congestus clouds [presentation]
Hailstone structures, embryos, and hailstorm models [presentation]
Dual wavelength observations of a hailstorm [presentation]
Calculations of updraft shape in a sheared environment [presentation]
The vertical velocity profile in thunderstorm updrafts [presentation]
Numerical simulation of annual variation of atmospheric general circulation [presentation]