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The Conference Posters & Presentations collection contains posters, presentations and abstracts from scholarly conferences such as the annual meetings of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and the American Geophysical Union (AGU). Materials from regional and local colloquia and symposia are also included.

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Deuterium and tritium in hailstones [presentation]
Theoretical models of convection elements and ensembles [presentation]
Beginning studies of balloons at off-design conditions [presentation]
Study of sporadic E on magnetically disturbed days [presentation]
Spectral analysis of geomagnetic pulsations at a number of world stations [presentation]
On ionospheric Es [presentation]
Effect of carbon dioxide on the fragmentation of freezing water drops [presentation]
Numerical computations of the barotropic flow over a large-scale mountain [presentation]
Effect of carbon dioxide on the shattering of freezing water drops [presentation]
An atmospheric dynamo theory of the daily geomagnetic variations [presentation]
Successive higher-order scattering in a Rayleigh atmosphere [presentation]
Field test of the liquid film hygrometer [presentation]
Some recent advances in gas transport theory [presentation]