Geophysical Turbulence Program Records

The Geophysical Turbulence Program (GTP) is a formal NCAR-wide activity with more than forty members. The broad goal of GTP is to promote research, education and awareness of geophysical turbulence at NCAR and in the scientific community. This collection contains abstracts and presentations from three GTP-sponsored workshops as well as seminar flyers and minutes from annual meetings.

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Large-eddy simulations of the nighttime boundary layer during CASES-99
Tropospheric gravity waves and the ABL
Growing oscillations in a sheared rotating stratified flow
Results from cloud physics experiments
Experimental investigation of the local entrainment velocity in a gravity current [abstract]
Map-based advection, low-dimensional simulation, and superparameterization [abstract]
Interplay between turbulence and particles in environmental flows with primary focus on turbidity currents
An overview of sea spray aerosol production, scaling, and surface-layer interactions [abstract]
Overview of HPC computer architecture: A long march toward exa-scale computing and beyond [abstract]
A novel approach for simulating droplet microphysics in entraining clouds
Finding the favorite regions for droplets to collide in a turbulent flow: Lab data and DNS
The inverse droplet coagulation problem [abstract]
Effect of turbulent enhancement of collision-coalescence on warm rain formation in maritime shallow convection
The role of water droplets in air-sea interaction: Rain and sea spray
3D turbulence resolving simulation on convective sedimentation of fine sediment in the coastal environment
Rotational dynamics of anisotropic particles in turbulence
Analysis of droplet motion
A test-tube model for rainfall
Mixing and entrainment at stratocumulus top
Inertial particle acceleration and relative velocity in HI turbulence