Solar Research Memorandum Series

The Solar Research Memorandum Series is a collection of unpublished scholarly works created by HAO scientists between 1951 and 1960. More information about the High Altitude Observatory is available at:

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Coronal emission in the yellow line region of 20 April 1956
Indices of solar activity on the Climax H[?] spectrograms
H[?] line width and flare height
Coronal standarization; rough evaluation of Climax scale in absolute venou
The intensity of 4586 A in prominences
Flare profile study at Climax
Reduction of spectrograms for the new Climax coronagraph
Correction of coronal emission line profiles for instrumental broadening
Observation of polarized light in flare continuum
On the association of solar radio emission and solar prominences
First coronal observations with the K-coronameter
Observation of the K corona from aircraft
Observation of coronal radial velocity
Solar activity during period of low cosmic ray neutron flux, 21-22 January 1957
The temperature of the prominences in active solar regions
Radio equipment for detecting solar flares
Chromospheric observations with the Climax coronal spectrograph
Serial washing of films
An evaluation of the success of geomagnetic predictions from June to December 1955
Studies of solar granulation- the statistical interpretation of granule structure from one-dimensional microphotometer tracings