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Each year NCAR/UCAR scientists and research staff disseminate the results of their research by publishing hundreds of articles. Our collection of Journal Articles contains peer-reviewed journal articles and published conference proceedings. We provide full text access to article where possible.

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Deterministic Wind Speed Predictions with Analog-Based Methods over Complex Topography
Past and future global transformation of terrestrial ecosystems under climate change
The Variable Infiltration Capacity model version 5 (VIC-5): infrastructure improvements for new applications and reproducibility
Improving understanding of soil organic matter dynamics by triangulating theories, measurements, and models
Space–time variability in UTLS chemical distribution in the Asian summer monsoon viewed by limb and nadir satellite sensors
Constraining nucleation, condensation, and chemistry in oxidation flow reactors using size-distribution measurements and aerosol microphysical modeling
Connecting regional aerosol emissions reductions to local and remote precipitation responses
Tropospheric sources and sinks of gas-phase acids in the Colorado Front Range
Source contributions to sulfur and nitrogen deposition – an HTAP II multi-model study on hemispheric transport
Extremal dependence between temperature and ozone over the continental US
Variations in surface ozone and carbon monoxide in the Kathmandu Valley and surrounding broader regions during SusKat-ABC field campaign: role of local and regional sources
A Novel Investigation of the Small-scale Magnetic Activity of the Quiet Sun via the Hanle Effect in the Sr i 4607 Å Line
Climatology of mesopause region nocturnal temperature, zonal wind and sodium density observed by sodium lidar over Hefei, China (32° N, 117° E)
Bidirectional Ecosystem–Atmosphere Fluxes of Volatile Organic Compounds Across the Mass Spectrum: How Many Matter?
How Many Active Regions Are Necessary to Predict the Solar Dipole Moment?
Black carbon-induced snow albedo reduction over the Tibetan Plateau:  Uncertainties from snow grain shape and aerosol–snow mixing state based on an updated SNICAR model
The representation of solar cycle signals in stratospheric ozone – Part 2:  Analysis of global models
Modest gaseous nitrogen losses point to conservative nitrogen cycling in a lowland tropical forest watershed
On the Role of Heterogeneous Chemistry in Ozone Depletion and Recovery
Global impact of nitrate photolysis in sea-salt aerosol on NOx, OH, and O3 in the marine boundary layer