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Each year NCAR/UCAR scientists and research staff disseminate the results of their research by publishing hundreds of articles. Our collection of Journal Articles contains peer-reviewed journal articles and published conference proceedings. We provide full text access to article where possible.

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The effect of Arctic sea ice loss on the Hadley circulation
Evaluating simulations of interhemispheric transport: Interhemispheric exchange time versus SF6 age
Exploring the impact of dust on North Atlantic hurricanes in a high-resolution climate model
Quantifying emissions of CO and NOx using observations from MOPITT, OMI, TES, and OSIRIS
Role of lateral terrestrial water flow on the regional water cycle in a complex terrain region: Investigation with a fully coupled model system
Cloud-resolving model intercomparison of an MC3E squall line case: Part II. Stratiform precipitation properties
Atmospheric implications of large C2-C5 alkane emissions from the U.S. oil and gas industry
Improving AGCM hurricane structure with two-way nesting
Evolution of the subauroral polarization stream oscillations during the severe geomagnetic storm on 20 November 2003
The influence of mixing on the stratospheric age of  air changes in the 21st century
Predicting near-term variability in ocean carbon uptake
Efficient in-cloud removal of aerosols by deep convection
Large influence of soil moisture on long-term terrestrial carbon uptake
Impacts of climate change and emissions on atmospheric oxidized nitrogen deposition over East Asia
The origin of major solar activity: Collisional shearing between nonconjugated polarities of multiple bipoles emerging within active regions
The Space Physics Environment Data Analysis System (SPEDAS)
Description and evaluation of the Community Ice Sheet Model (CISM) v2.1
Organic peroxy radical chemistry in oxidation flow reactors and environmental chambers and their atmospheric relevance
Electrification in mesoscale updrafts of deep stratiform and anvil clouds in Florida
Understanding the limitations of gyrochronology for old field stars