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The NCAR Technical Notes Collection comprises over 500 scientific and technical reports, issued by NCAR divisions and programs, and consists of data compilations, theoretical and numerical investigations, and experimental results.

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Quality Analysis of Visqueen Balloon Film
The NCAR Dropsonde Program
Boundary Layer Profile Measurement System Engineering Report
Boundary Layer Profile Measurement System
Ballooning Support for Cosmic-Ray Experiments: Joint United States - India International Quiet Sun Year Equatorial Expedition 6 March - 9 April 1965
Re-Evaluation of Tapes for Reinforcing and Repairing Polyethylene Balloons
Preliminary Design, ENCAR-1 Rocket-Borne Cryogenic Air Sampler
Balloon Shapes and Stresses Below the Design Altitude
Low Modulus Strain Gages for Stress Analysis of Balloon Structures
An Airplane-Mounted System for Sensing and Recording Radio Noise in Clouds
Seminar on Possible Responses of Weather Phenomena to Variable Extra-Terrestrial Influences
Strength Characteristics of DuPont "Surlyn A" Film
Material Strength Properties of Visqueen X-124 Film
Material Strength Properties of Startex SL 1883 Film
Meso-Micrometeorological Requirements for the Atmospheric Sciences
Non-Standard Tests for Balloon Materials
Standard Test Methods for Balloon Materials
Tests of Balloon Materials: Prepared for the NCAR Scientific Balloon Facility
An Aviation Research Facility for the Atmospheric Sciences
Proceedings of the Conference on the Climate of the Eleventh and Sixteenth Centuries