Atmospheric Technology Division (ATD) Records

The ATD digital collection consists of several publications, including Atmospheric Technology, Facilities for Atmospheric Research, ATD Observer, and Research Aviation Facility Bulletins-- all rich resources for researching the history of scientific ballooning, research aviation, computing, and field observing facilities and field projects. The digital collection also includes select correspondence and photographs of ATD staff.

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Photograph, Matthew Michaelis
Photograph, John Militzer
Photograph, Eric Loew
Photograph, James Lundahl
Photograph, Bruce Morley
Photograph, Charles Martin
Photograph, Dean Lauritsen
Photograph, Linda Nettleton
Photograph, Santiago Newbery
Photograph, Robert Olson
Photograph, Richard Neitzel
Photograph, Scott Norris
Photograph, Steven Oncley
Photograph, Chip Owens
Photograph, George Nicholl
Photograph, Lawrence Murphy
Photograph, Page Baptist
Photograph, Steven Palmer
Photograph, Richard Oye
Photograph, David Parsons