Solar Research Memorandum Series

The Solar Research Memorandum Series is a collection of unpublished scholarly works created by HAO scientists between 1951 and 1960. More information about the High Altitude Observatory is available at:

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Plans for the calibration of the X-coronameter
The problem of coronal ionization
Outline of thesis problem
Indirect measurement of solar energy variations in the extreme ultraviolet and x-ray region
Report on research in progress
Outline of thesis problem
Temperature gradients in the chronosphere; Some characteristics of a chromospheric model; A model of the chromosphere from the helium and continuum emissions
Magnetic intensification on the sunspot spectra
List of M-region storms October 1951 to date
Measurements of solar granulation. Instrumental effects due to the microphotometer and to the photographic printing
Photographic photometry of the coronal emission lines
Comments on solar granulation research
A detailed temperature analysis of coronal region 54
Electron density in the solar corona during the eclipse of February 25, 1952
Is the photoelectric detection of the K outer corona easier in the infrared than in the visible?
Problem of the photographic detection of the polarized light of the white corona
An absolute calibration of the Climax intensity scale for coronal lines
Microphotometer determination of final coronal line intensities
Feasibility of the photoelectric detection of the K-outer corona
A hypothesis for the origin of solar flares