Geophysical Turbulence Program Records

The Geophysical Turbulence Program (GTP) is a formal NCAR-wide activity with more than forty members. The broad goal of GTP is to promote research, education and awareness of geophysical turbulence at NCAR and in the scientific community. This collection contains abstracts and presentations from three GTP-sponsored workshops as well as seminar flyers and minutes from annual meetings.

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The behaviour of small inertial particles in homogeneous and isotropic turbulence [abstract]
Mixing and entrainment at stratocumulus top [abstract]
Modeling the bubbly ocean [abstract]
Relative velocities of inertial particles in turbulent aerosols
Mixing and entrainment at stratocumulus top
Caustics & collision velocities in turbulent aerosols
Inertial particle acceleration and relative velocity in HI turbulence
Observational and numerical studies on turbulent entrainment-mixing processes
Rendering salient regions and interaction maps using GPU
Turbulence structure in a fractal forest under varying atmospheric conditions
High-resolution modeling of internal gravity waves over the complex terrain of central Pennsylvania of 14 April 2011
Observations of wave-like motions from the BLLAST 2011 field campaign
Analysis of case studies to characterize wave-like motions in the stable boundary layer
Characterisation of oscillatory motions in the stable atmosphere of a deep valley
LIDAR observations of fine-scale gravity waves in the nocturnal boundary layer above an orchard canopy
QNSE theory of anisotropic turbulence and dispersive waves in stably stratified atmosphere and oceans