Solar Research Memorandum Series

The Solar Research Memorandum Series is a collection of unpublished scholarly works created by HAO scientists between 1951 and 1960. More information about the High Altitude Observatory is available at:

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Photospheric "hump" on 6 January 1955
The sky brightness near the Sun
Solar prominences and geomagnetic disturbance
A theory of solar corpuscular emission
The role of active solar regions in the formation of magnetic storms
Study of spatial movements in solar prominance
Study of the broadening of coronal lines in active centers
Identification of the yellow coronal line: A5694.4
Utilization of transit of mercury for research purposes
Possible test of response of atmosphere to solar corpuscular streams
Flare activity index
A contribution to the study of the relations between solar flares and sunspot groups
[Emission line corona]
Brondened H? absorption lines spectra, 14 May 1951
Heisenberg's theory of isotropic turbulence in inhomogeneous turbulence fields
Summary of status of Thomas' work on statistically steady state computations