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The goal of the SIParCS program is to make a long-term, positive impact on the quality and diversity of the workforce needed to use and operate 21st century supercomputers. Graduate students and undergraduate students gain significant hands-on experience in high-performance computing and related fields that use HPC for scientific discovery and modeling. This program embeds students as summer interns in the Computational and Information Systems Laboratory, an organization within NCAR charged with provisioning supercomputing and data systems to the geosciences research community.

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A comparison of NCAR application performance on IBM power architectures [presentation]
A coordinate based semi-Lagrangian algorithm [presentation]
True high-order limiting for conservation laws based on Total Variation Denoising [presentation]
A two-level non-overlapping optimized Schwarz for spectral elements [presentation]
Wavelet schemes for coherent vortex extraction [presentation]
A hybrid estimator for density with extremes [presentation]
Study of cubed-sphere domain discontinuities using a high-order shallow water model [presentation]
Conservative and non-conservative remapping schemes on the sphere [presentation]
Earth System Curator: Metadata infrastructure for climate modeling [presentation]
Community Climate System Model [presentation]
Parallel data transformation for VAPOR [presentation]