NCAR Technical Notes

The NCAR Technical Notes Collection comprises over 500 scientific and technical reports, issued by NCAR divisions and programs, and consists of data compilations, theoretical and numerical investigations, and experimental results.

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User's Guide to NCAR CCM3
Report on the MkIII Calibration and Quality Assurance Project
The NCAR CSM Flux Coupler
The NCAR CSM Sea Ice Model
Source Code Documentation for the Clark-Hall Cloud-scale Model Code Version G3CH01
Description of the NCAR Community Climate Model (CCM3)
The NCAR CSM Ocean Model
The NCAR Land Surface Model (LSM Version 1.0) Coupled to the NCAR Community Climate Model
CEDAR Database Committee Report
A User's Guide to the VEMAP Phase 1 Database
Evaluation of the Atmospheric and Hydrological Cycle in the NCEP Reanalyses
A Land Surface Model (LSM Version 1.0) for Ecological, Hydrological, and Atmospheric Studies: Technical Description and User's Guide
A User's Guide to PIKAIA 1.0
EZPLOT, for Publication-quality Plots
The Global Distribution of Freshwater Wetlands
Climatology of Stratospheric Ozone Based on SBUV and SBUV/2 Data: 1978 - 1994
The Annual Cycle of Precipitation Over the Indian Subcontinent: Daily, Monthly and Seasonal Statistics
Report of the First Prospectus Development Team - U.S. Weather Research Program
Beyond Machoflops: Getting MPPs Into the Production Environment
Research Opportunities From Emerging Atmospheric Observing and Modeling Capabilities