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Browse decades of NCAR history as told through press releases and correspondence. The history of UCAR/NCAR staff, research, field projects, scientific breakthroughs, and buildings are detailed in the collection.

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NCAR joins massive field campaign to examine summertime air in Southeast
NCAR granted patent for trace gas sampling experiment
NCAR invites experts and the public to discuss science and society
NCAR research update: scientist develops technique for integrating satellite data with 3-D chemistry-climate prediction models
NCAR scientists complete fourth phase of MLOPEX II experiment
NCAR hosts upper atmosphere research satellite (UARS) validation workshop
NCAR scientists complete third phase of MLOPEX II experiment
NCAR scientists participate in international atmosphere-ocean experiments
NCAR scientist's laser technique measures long-lived trace gases
NCAR field project to measure surface-level dynamics at DOE's Hanford Facility
NCAR scientists develop method for measuring seasonal changes in oxygen concentration
NCAR scientists head north to study Arctic ozone chemistry
NCAR scientists measure chemicals in the remote troposphere to test global change models
NASA selects NCAR instrument for Earth Observing Satellite (EOS)
NASA selects NCAR instrument for EOS
NCAR scientists involved in stratospheric aerosol sulfate layer studies
NCAR scientist Michael Coffey pursues research with colleagues in England
NCAR scientists leave for Norway to search for Arctic Ozone hole
NASA approves four projects as part of Eos involving NCAR
NCAR hosts workshop to formulate theoretical predictions for stratospheric ozone: 1989 report to be published by UNEP/WMO