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Browse decades of NCAR history as told through press releases and correspondence. The history of UCAR/NCAR staff, research, field projects, scientific breakthroughs, and buildings are detailed in the collection.

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NCAR & CU join Intel Parellel Computing Centers program
Major field campaign targets improvement in thunderstorm prediction
NCAR forecasts will help Xcel Energy harness wind
Media advisory: Adapting to U.S. climate change
NCAR installs 76-teraflop supercomputer for critical research on climate change, severe weather
MMM hosts tutorial, third PSU/NCAR mesoscale model users' workshop
Global Change Instruction module wins prize for innovation
NCAR scientist is president-elect, American Meteorological Society
NCAR research update: scientist develops technique for integrating satellite data with 3-D chemistry-climate prediction models
NCAR research update: northern boreal forests cause global warming
NCAR field project to measure surface-level dynamics at DOE's Hanford Facility
NCAR scientist examines weather forecasting accuracy
NCAR scientists measure chemicals in the remote troposphere to test global change models
NCAR announces arrival of new supercomputer dedicated to evaluating the reliability of current global climate simulation models
NCAR scientists head to Florida during peak thunderstorm season
NCAR scientists develop scheme for parameterizing cirrus clouds
NCAR contributes to traveling exhibit on global change
NCAR hosts STORM 1 planning meeting in Boulder
NCAR hosts workshop to formulate theoretical predictions for stratospheric ozone: 1989 report to be published by UNEP/WMO
NCAR hosts STORM program planning workshop