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Browse decades of NCAR history as told through press releases and correspondence. The history of UCAR/NCAR staff, research, field projects, scientific breakthroughs, and buildings are detailed in the collection.

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Picturing the forecast: National Weather Service graphics developed with NCAR research
Super Science Saturday - November 8
NCAR & CU join Intel Parellel Computing Centers program
Weather, climate information essential for financial decision makers
New research may enable longer-term forecasts of U.S. heat waves
Major field campaign targets improvement in thunderstorm prediction
NCAR powers up renewable energy forecasts
New system for aircraft forecasts potential storm hazards over oceans
Flu outbreaks predicted with weather forecast techniques
300 billion weather forecasts used by Americans annually, survey finds
NCAR tests system to steer drivers away from dangerous weather
NCAR forecasts will help Xcel Energy harness wind
NCAR installs 76-teraflop supercomputer for critical research on climate change, severe weather
NCAR launches field program to predict storms in "real time"
Foreign media, policymakers sought NCAR scientists for interviews in '92
NCAR field research attempts to predict storms more accurately
NCAR scientist examines weather forecasting accuracy
NCAR scientists present papers at AMS conference in Denver this week
NCAR scientists head to Florida during peak thunderstorm season
NCAR scientists present papers at American Geophysical Union meeting