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The Conference Posters & Presentations collection contains posters, presentations and abstracts from scholarly conferences such as the annual meetings of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and the American Geophysical Union (AGU). Materials from regional and local colloquia and symposia are also included.

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Clear-sky performance of MOPITT retrievals using MODIS collection 6 Cloud Mask products
Clouds and climate: Progress and prospects [presentation]
Buoyant equilibrium and detrainment around cumulus clouds [presentation]
An observational and numerical study of a squall line and a mesoscale convective complex [presentation]
Formation, growth, and habit of ice crystals nucleated on desert dust aerosol [presentation]
Cloud resolving model simulations of water and energy budgets for the Indian Ocean region: Effects of aerosols on trade wind cumuli [presentation]
Amelioration of global warming by controlled enhancement of the albedo and longevity of low-level maritime clouds [presentation]
WRF simulations of rainfall coherence over the continental United States [presentation]
Investigation of the ice nucleation ability of two desert dust aerosol samples at -50C [presentation]
Large water drops in continental cumulus in their "first-echo" stage [presentation]
Simultaneous measurements of the charge, size, and shape of hydrometeors [presentation]
The impact of larger-scale eddies and surface properties on PBL fluxes over land [presentation]
The global distribution of mesoscale convective complexes [presentation]
Predictability of the 24-25 January 2000 snow storm with respect to model grid resolution and initial state [presentation]
Status report on MM5 pre- and post-processing programs in Version 3 [presentation]
The role of low-level vertical wind shear in promoting strong, long-lived squall lines [presentation]
Structure and low-level energy fluxes associated with a fast-moving mesoscale convective system observed by aircraft during TOGA COARE [presentation]
Transport and mixing above the marine stratus over the eastern Pacific Ocean [presentation]
An overview and early results from the STERAO-A project [presentation]
Homogeneous ice nucleation and supercooled liquid water in orographic wave clouds [presentation]