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This collection contains a selection of manuscripts, many representing pre-published work by NCAR staff, written between the late 1960’s and the early 1970’s.

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Nonlinear Boussinesq convective model for large scale solar circulations
The influence of compensating downward motion on the developmenty of cumulus clouds
A theoretical study of the compensating downward motions associated with cumulus clouds
On the application of the eddy viscosity concept in the Inertial sub-range of turbulence
On atmospheric zonal to eddy kinetic energy exchange for January 1963
The numerical solution of partial differential equations
Library routines (*SY2)
Progress in research on atmospheric turbulence
Experiments on the generation of small water waves by wind
Selected bibliography on wind waves and air-water interaction
Models of cloud layers under a strong inversion
NCAR global general circulation model of the atmosphere
NCAR global general circulation model of the atmosphere
Effects of an ensemble of convective elements on the large-scale motions of the atmosphere
The representation of small-scale turbulence in numerical simulation experiments
The development of short-period temperature fluctuations in thermal convection
Internal gravity waves of finite amplitude in a stratified Incompressible atmosphere -- A quasi-characteristic method
Tornado dynamics
On the spin-up an electrically conducting fluid. Part 1. The unsteady hydromagnetic Ekman-Hartmann boundary layer problem
Three-dimensional features of thermal convection in a plane Couette flow