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Ocean Carbon Hot Spots: A US CLIVAR and OCB Workshop Report
Arctic change and possible influence on mid-latitude climate and weather: A US CLIVAR white paper
Connecting paleo & modern oceanographic data to understand atlantic meridional overturning circulation over decades to centuries
Translating Process Understanding to Improve Climate Models
Observing and modeling climate variability in the Intra-Americas Seas and impacts on the continental Americas and the Caribbean
Ocean's Carbon and Heat Uptake: Uncertainties and Metrics
U.S. Repeat Hydrography/CO2 Tracer Program (GO-SHIP): Accomplishments From the First Decadal Survey
Workshop on Analyses, Dynamics, and Modeling of Large-scale Meteorological Patterns Associated with Extreme Temperature and Precipitation Events
U.S. CLIVAR Science Plan
U.S. CLIVAR Hurricane Workshop Report
U.S. CLIVAR ENSO Diversity Workshop Report
Understanding the Dynamic Response of Greenland's Marine Terminating Glaciers to Oceanic and Atmospheric Forcing: A White Paper
Review of U.S. CLIVAR Pilot Climate Process Teams, and Recommendations for Future Climate Process Teams
Report of the U.S. CLIVAR Salinity Science Working Group
Scientific Understanding of the Atlantic Basin Climate System - A Mid-CLIVAR Perspective
Pacific Implementation Panel Meeting
Climate Process Modeling and Science Teams (CPTs): Motivation and Concept
U.S. CLIVAR Pan-American Implementation Plan
A Science and Implementation Plan for EPIC: An Eastern Pacific Investigation of Climate Processes in the Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere System