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Lockheed Electra in flight 1993 (DI02063)
King Air in flight (DI02064)
Balloon launch spool,1981 (DI02106)
Preparation for sailplane flight (DI02061)
Schweizer 2-32 sailplane in flight (DI00018)
Dropsonde loading, 1970 (DI02095)
Researcher in northeastern Colorado hail project, 1970 (DI02104)
Hail rocket, 1970 (DI02103)
Line Islands Experiment, 1967 (DI02077)
Wyoming hail chase vehicle, circa 1970 (D102079)
Walter Orr Roberts and the Climax coronascope, circa 1945 (DI02072)
Balloon launch using reel-down technique, circa 1982 (DI02076)
Superpressure balloon, late 1960s (DI02099)
Balloon launch from the floor Glen Canyon, early 1960s (DI02100)
NCAR's fleet of research aircraft in 1984 (DI02062)
Thunderstorm Project technicians, 1947 (DI01982)
Black Widow night fighter, the Thunderstorm Project, 1947 (DI01981)
Aircraft instrumentation in 1968 (DI01253)
Portable Automated Mesonet (DI01245)
Vin Lally with GHOST balloon transmitter, 1968 (DI02117)